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Danica D Smith:

Danica D. Smith is an author and entrepreneur who strives to help people of all ages improve their understanding of the Bible in a way that is easy, enjoyable, and quick through her faith-based publications, inspirational products and services.

Danica first fell in love with the teachings of Jesus as a child growing up in Lutcher, LA. She has devoted her life to using her engineering and entrepreneurial skills to fulfill her passion to serve. She has served by protecting vulnerable children from the effects of childhood obesity and now is making a bigger impact by developing inspirational products and movies that help spiritually-motivated persons get and stay physically fit and spiritually connected.

It was her own spiritual connection to the men and women of faith in the Old Testament that helped her to successfully survive one of the biggest disappointments in her life and to be able to thrive after the deep depression caused by this adversity.

She believes that true health starts with spiritual connection and she creates products, publications, and services, that help persons embrace this life affirming message. She would love to hear how you were affected by really getting to know these men and women of faith in LOVE, FAITH & DESTINY.

Connect with her and let her know, on Facebook at FaithLoveDestinyBook

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