Danica D. Smith Shares LOVE, FAITH & DESTINY

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ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ Author Danica D. Smith has officially announced the release of her debut book, Love, Faith & Destiny: Short Bible Stories of God’s Amazing Love, Journeys of Redemption & Promises You May Have Forgotten. Available now on Amazon or through the author’s website,itpromises to help Christians truly connect with their faith in a deep, meaningful way.

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“The stories in Love, Faith & Destiny are excellent. This book is useful for anyone a powerful resource for beginners just learning the Word of God as well as pastors and teachers,” says Pastor Benjamin Scott, Former President of Central Union Missionary Baptist Association after reading the book.

Danica has done an impressive job in translating dry, dull Old Testament stories into language that anyone of any age can easily connect with and understand. The language is simple, direct and evocative. The messages are clear. Readers from elementary school students to senior citizens have found it not only engaging to read, but incredibly illuminating.

With the release of Love, Faith & Destiny, Danica has achieved her main goal of translating those stories into plain modern-day English without losing their meaning, and with its easy-to-follow format, she has created a series of short, bite-sized journeys that readers find so engaging they simply cannot stop reading.

The book grew naturally from Danica’s lifelong love for the teachings of Jesus. She grew up in Lutcher, Louisiana, and became passionate about battling childhood obesity, using her engineering and business skills to create entrepreneurial solutions to the epidemic. While initially successful, a later business failure sent Danica into deep depression.

She found solace by returning to her Christian roots and striving to reconnect spiritually. Her search made her realize just how disconnected she was from some of the Bible’s most inspiring stories, particularly those in the Old Testament. Her struggle to connect with those stories birthed Love, Faith & Destiny, by which she hopes to bring better understanding of these amazing stories to other Christians.

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